Abaca Lightning Products ia about balance between nature and the home, between comfort style and most importantly between your unique style and our Cool Lightnings We know your style is unique and incomparable that is why Abaca offers full customization through our NCI Napa home design. You are free to modify dimensions, cushion styles and strengths, materials, finishes and much more!
NCI- Natural Carpet Industries is all about YOU, your lifestyle and your home, so we offer a variety of outdoor/Indoor customized furniture and Fixtures.
Day lighting optimizes natural sunlight entry into a building to minimize the need for artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is produced by electricity. Energy -efficient lighting is the use of artificial light to receive the optimal level of light for the lowest energy investment. Task lighting serves a limited area where a person’s “work” is concentrated. Energy efficient lighting products have a higher initial cost but show excellent paybacks in areas where lights are heavily used. Daylighting strategies can have a wide range of cost impacts. There is a skylight product specifically designed for daylighting purposes. It uses a pipe with a reflective interior to bounce the light down the pipe to a ceiling diffuser from an acrylic dome skylight on the roof. This is a method to bring natural light to a dark interior area of a home without constructing a costly light well.

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