Indoor/Outdoor Furniture and Fixtures

Refreshing gardens, patios, veranda, and balconies are important areas for a healthy and balanced home. These areas are important social zones for your home and represent the transition space between the wilds of nature and the order of the home. NCI furniture seeks to balance the comfort of being indoors with the beauty of experiencing nature, while simultaneously providing an amicable social setting.
NCI- Natural Carpet Industries is all about YOU, your lifestyle and your home, so we offer a variety of outdoor customized furniture. Our collections include living sets, sectionals, and modular.
NCI is a goal oriented company committed to delivering a high-quality customized furniture ensuring our quality will be seen as well as felt.
1. UV resistant
2. Weatherproof and temperature resistant
3. Strong and durable
4. Maintenance-free and easy to clean
5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
6. Colorfast and scratch-free

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