New Designs

 Here you will find NCI NAPA newest collection of abaca rugs , Handwoven in the Philippines of 100% Abaca. This collection represents the integration of the finest quality natural plant fibers with fresh aesthetic.The result of a collaborative bicolano crafts people. Abaca’s soft glossy fibers have been woven into a selection of bodly textured designs to provide the sophisticated visual interest you have come to inspect from NCI NAPA. Choose from distinctive weave structures available in natural colors ranging from glossy white fibers to the rich natural browns characteristic only to abaca.

If you have never worked with Abaca, you’re in for a real treat! Made from the close relative of the banana tree, this tough fiber is harvested and then woven into these light, airy and unusual textiles.

We specialize in this beautiful, natural textile and have it available in a variety of colors, widths, patterns, and configurations. We work with excellent weavers that take pride in both the raw materials and their personal workmanship, ensuring a quality product.

Customized Sofa


The Abaca “Solid” Textiles have lots of “body” and can be used for everything from window coverings to table runners – the creative uses for this versatile material are limited only by your own imagination. And if you are an artist or craftsperson, this stuff is to die for

Natural Carpet Industries is one of the big abaca processors that supply high‐end abaca products in the Philippines. They also boosted Albay’s abaca industry and created more jobs in the province. One of our major products is the natural abaca carpets which are available in so many styles and colors. Other products include abaca placemats, ottoman, carpets, sofa, beds, jelly lamps, blinds, baskets, mirror frames.

Abaca made products