Finished Project

Customized chairs made by NCI

The GREEN ZONE is basically eco-tourism, highlighting its natural resources and nature formations, such as natural habitats, waterfalls, caves, beaches, and ecoparks. Mountain climbing, rafting and boat rides, flora and fauna interactions are also included here.

The SILK ROAD takes the visitors to trade and souvenir centers where the best native products are displayed and are sold, including abaca handcrafted products, pottery, woven fabrics, cuttlery, precious and semiprecious stones, and art products.

The EL CAMINO COLONIAL or Colonial Road takes the tourist down history lane, where the heritage of our colonial past are highlighted, including museums, cultural centers, colonial houses, churches, monuments, tunnels and other man-made structures.

Of course there are the usual cultural attractions such as the Festivals, the theme parks, the shopping complexes, recreation and amusement centers, mountain and sea resorts.

— Napahome is a plus and bonus to those visiting bicol-albay we offer a signature designs! Customized sofa,chairs, baskets, crates and barrel and a lot more..

Abaca Products