About Us

Natural Carpet Industries was established in 1995,as NAPA’S Handicraft located in the Southern Philippines (Bicol Region). NCI product is a prime example of pure Craftsmanship and Creativity. From hand crafted Abaca rugs to Dining and Living Room items, you can be assured that each product is a testament to quality and originality. Products are usually made from Abaca, wood, paper, bamboo, vines, resin, leaves, metal and other indigenous materials that can be found in the countryside. Items can be traditional, innovative, or novel. Admirably the efficient staffs of the whole production process are made up of local people that help them in sustaining their daily livelihood.

Felipe Noe M. Napa Jr.

A 36 year old Camalig-born owner Mr. Felipe Noe Morin Napa Jr., Sumlang’s barangay captain and one of a pool of entrepreneurs and artists adept in creating innovative styles and designs that are in sync with global trends.

The Natural Carpet Industries in Bicol- Albay, the weavers still use looms that have remained essentially untouched for centuries; The process is environmentally sound from beginning to end, Abaca has a long and rich history in the Philippines; The abaca plant (Musa textilis) looks much like a banana tree, and is cut down to extract the fibers in its trunk. These are stripped by hand, dried and classified according to color and texture; yes, there is such a thing as grade “A” abaca. The outermost layer of the fiber is the darkest; the next layer is called honey, then tan and, finally, cream, with wheat interwoven among those layers. “Cream is the most expensive because there isn’t much of it,”
“Abaca has unique characteristics that make it different from other fibers,” After grading comes segregation, then the abaca is stored in bales before weaving begins. From the cutting of a plant to the start of weaving takes about a month and a half; it will take one person a week to weave a 3 by 7-foot carpet.



1. They used Manila hemp or the so called abaca on the Titanic used by the US Navy because of its sturdiness and resistance to seawater.
2. The more you wet it, the stronger it gets
3. Material also proved its versatile, through the German car maker BMW considering  using it for car interiors.

Sumlang Lake, camalig Albay

In the last decade, Abaca has grown to become the source of choice for leading architects, interior designers, corporate houses, and high-end hospitality establishments across the world. These relationships have been strengthened over the years, and are today a part of Abaca’s growing list of loyal and satisfied clients, testimony to Abaca’s promise of exclusivity and uniqueness in product offering, attention to detail, reliability and impeccable service.
A partial list of projects executed:
Sumlang Lake – Build, design and renovate.